Termidor is a brand name Fipronil, its active ingredient. So when we talk about Termidor, we're really talking about Fipronil.

Termidor is a barrier treatment for termites. Termidor is applied to a surface such as wood or dirt through whcihc termites will pass. When the termites pass through the Termidore barrier they pick up a lethal dose of the the chemical and bring it back to their nest. This mean termites which don't even touch the chemical will still die.

Termidore is very safe. Termidor is labeled by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to treat drywood and western termites.

Termidor is one of the most thoroughly tested and reviewed pesticides in history. Applicators and homeowners should have a level of confidence with Termidore not seen with any other pesticide. Termidor eis very safe.

More information about Termidore can be found at the Termidore Home website.


Tim-Bor is a wood preservative that stops and prevents rot and insect attacks. It penetrates the surface of the wood where it will remain for ever unless submerged in moving water. Tim-Bor is very versital and can be used on lumber, OSB, plywood or timbers.

Like Termidor, Tim-Bor is versy safe and has extremely low toxicity to humans and pets. Tim-Bor's active ingredient is Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate.

More information about Tim-Bor can be found at the Nisuscorp website.